mercredi 16 mars 2011

Master Data Services : Getting Errors out of a ModelMembersBulkUpdate/Merge with API

In fact, you can get the error codes on MDS website : in "Integration Management/Staging Batches" clicking on the batch you want and clicking on button "view details for selected batch"
in order to do the same thing with API (get error codes), you'll need to get back the batch after it is inserted. 

//get information related to a staging batch
 public Collection<StagingBatch> StagingGet(Collection<Identifier> stagingBatch, bool ReturnAllCriteria, bool ReturnMembers, bool ReturnAttributes, bool ReturnRelationShips, ref OperationResult or)
 Collection<StagingUnbatchedInformation> colUnbatched = new Collection<StagingUnbatchedInformation>();
 Collection<StagingBatch> colBatches = new Collection<StagingBatch>();
 using (ServiceClient c = MDS_WSConnect.CreateMdsProxy())
 or = new OperationResult();
 colBatches = c.StagingGet(new International(), true, new StagingResultCriteria() { All = ReturnAllCriteria, Attributes = ReturnAttributes, Members = ReturnMembers, Relationships = ReturnRelationShips },
 new StagingSearchCriteria() { StagingBatches = stagingBatch, StagingDataStatus= StagingDataStatus.All }, out or, out colUnbatched);
 List<string> lstErr = new List<string>();
// what you need with the error collection
foreach (<strong>StagingBatchError err in colBatches.First().Errors</strong>)
 lstErr.Add(err.ErrorCode + " - " + err.TargetCode);

 return colBatches;
so, complete process would be:

DateTime dtBefore = DateTime.Now; 
OperationResult or = new OperationResult();
  //filling new staging batch with entityMembers
  Collection<Identifier> colStaging = ModelMembersBulkMerge(colEntMembers);
  //initiating the staging process (not sure I really need that here in fact)
  Collection<StagingBatch> colBatches = StagingGet(colStaging, true, true, true, false, ref or);
  //triggering staging
  ProcessUnbatchedStaging(pModelId, pVersionId);

  DateTime dtAfter = DateTime.Now;
  TimeSpan ts = dtAfter.Subtract(dtBefore);

  MessageBox.Show("members (bulk) inserted : " + colEntMembers.First().Members.Count() + "\r\n" + "time elapsed (seconds):" + ts.TotalSeconds.ToString());
  //get back the batch to see if any errors 
  colBatches = StagingGet(colStaging, true, true, true, false, ref or);
note: StagingDataStatus= StagingDataStatus.All --> get all including Errors

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